The Altar of Sulak

by Anal Exorcism

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From the depths of the dank Babylonian caves, we bring you five repulsive tracks that are guaranteed to give your whole family diarrhea. Recently remastered, let this fuel your excrement-related cravings.


released October 22, 2015

All drums, guitars, and artwork by Evan Daniele
All vocals by Jake DeZerga
Mixing, Mastering, and Bass by Michael Cozine
Drums tracked at Backroom Studios with Kevin Antreassian
Lyrics by Anal Exorcism



all rights reserved


Anal Exorcism New Jersey

Established in 2014, Anal Exorcism is just a couple of cavemen trying to have a good time (in audio form).

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Track Name: Pickaxe Dissection
Drowned in a bag of urine
Flesh picked straight from the bone
Pulled off easy like corn
Corpses feed on flesh
like caulk guns fill in holes

Pustulating fluids & dysentery
Rotting inside what used to be a skull-fucked cranium
Every hole will be filled by the end of tonight
By zombies feasting on you

We want to feed on your flesh
We want to bleed on your chest
We want to fist that tight hole
Until the blood in your brain pools

Bleed for me, bleed for me
Blood so virgin & pure
Bleed for me, bleed for me
Blood so virgin & pure

Bloodbath coating my skin
In licorice red liquid

Impalement by tombstones
Zombies are home
Welcome me to your front door
Welcome me home

Opening doors to find bodies stacked to the ceiling
Peeling flesh rotting into the cement floors
Scent of human decay, putrified inside the nasopharynx
Developments of loss of everyone around you
Different types of murder to create the perfect product of decay
To initiate the recreation of a monster
The flesh of the beast will come for you
Track Name: The Altar of Sulak
lurking in the depths
watching every movement
nesting in the mire
thriving on the human-bred filth

each subject a worthy sacrifice
to the non-discriminatory waste-feeding presence
embracing all in its realm of disgust
all hail he who feeds on the unwanted

a yearning for bodily fluids
coprophagic desires shall not go unrequited
let the body seize
molestation imminent for the immobilized victim

wring out its bowels, savoring every last morsel
sustenance for the depraved entity
its vile mouth accepting of that which we discharge
its very being nourished by the fecal delicacy

inhaling through the spinal column
the enticing broths slither down each vertebrae
one by one, slathered in the sweet nectar

the unmistakable expression of lust
fixated upon its repugnant face
the cathartic release of rectal cleansing

osculating each specimen of sweet human excrement
the beast sucks in the anal glands as it nears orgasm
obsessively gnawing at the coccyx
thoroughly draining the carcass of its humanity

reaching up into its fetid mouth
lapping up the rancid froth
disgorging its excretory remains back down its throat
the defiled body has served its purpose
forever captive in a state of putrefaction
Track Name: Necrotic Arterial Mutilation
Awakening to a deep veinous incision
The piss-soaked sheets painted crimson as my cries begin to resonate
Covered in sores, each welcoming disease
Every gash a testament to my pending expiration

Writhing in my wounds, the microscopic beings fester
My bloodstream congested with decay-inducing traffic
Pathological, instinctive behavior compels the wretched organisms
As they feast on my binding flesh

The flesh-starved parasites crave the meat of their host
Their diet spanning epidermal tissue to sinews
Ingesting all that suits their appetite
Inhabitants of a lethal ecosystem

Shades of viridian plague what is left of my skin
Osseous tissue exposed to the aura of contamination
Every cell that meets the air becomes afflicted
Left to deteriorate in my own waste

Imprisoned by this diseased body
Hopeless against the bacterial stratagem
Devouring particle after particle, they evolve to destroy
Ravaging tissue, the populace outgrows its environment

Invading every vital organ, sparing not a single vessel
Internal hemorrhaging commences as arterial walls are masticated
Cerebral fluid gradually floods the nasal cavity
Growing distant with each breath as I drown from within
Track Name: Gore to Death
A whirlwind of miasma
and impotent distress
The dark congregation
Harbingers of death
An eternal curse upon us
binds our fate
the sigil of blood
a sick and twisted gift

humanity is fading
the darkness takes control
their feeble minds deleted
the heretics will rise
among the disarray
he has come to kill
the purest of rage shall clash with primal aggression

slashing, penetrating
carnage incarnate
the fire rages on as blood spills by the gallon
gutted corpses furnish the landscape
the rotten scent of decay pollutes the atmosphere
we are all doomed
your hopeless crusade comes to a halt
they smell your fear
you will satiate their appetite

accusers are devoured by gods dressed in black
flesh dissolves leaving only their putrid bones
their intestines fodder to the revered
in a surreal display of mindless brutality

your faith has betrayed you
telegraphing signs of the apocalypse
your faith has betrayed you
guaranteeing your imminent doom
your faith has betrayed you
the darkness ironically rises
your faith has betrayed you
Track Name: Death's Evoking Presence
I’m a worm
I’m a mongrel
Set me aside, Bury me in the dirt
To dwell with the rest
I am no longer needed for the tides to turn
Drop the malformed disposition contained in your, empty cavity
What have i become?
A worm that feeds on your words
What a, wretched thing i am
Walk In a straight line
Allow a path to be furrowed for yourself
Sprint through the trench without question
Led happily to slaughter

sitting lifelessly, its rotting entrails
shall soon be, devoured, it’s excrement recycled

fed to the, mindless sheep
Soon they shall know true pain

organs, rotting from within
seeping out the anal cavity (scorching every last bit of putrid flesh)
dismemberment is inevitable, the horde will feast upon your remains
Soon they shall know true pain

A knife resting in her spine

Twisting tongues and their inability to properly catch the words, they want to spit forth
Functionless expressions proving nothing but the worthlessness in trying to force out demons

Melody please grasp my ear, and i'll give the world for you to hear

I have to say this resolve but i cant figure how to conclude
I just need the spirit and soul to exude
Paper catch my muse