by Anal Exorcism

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released August 11, 2016

all main vocal performances by Jake DeZerga*
all instrumental performances, lyrics, and artwork by Evan Daniele
mixed and mastered by Scot Moriarty at Backroom Studios
*additional vocals on Track 2 by Eduardo Ruiz of Refinement



all rights reserved


Anal Exorcism New Jersey

Established in 2014, Anal Exorcism is just a couple of cavemen trying to have a good time (in audio form).

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Track Name: Spiraling Spores (intense degradation)
churning, unending
obscuring this existential plane
all that lies within perception melts into one

dripping viscously into the physical realm

nightmares manifest
inhuman horrors soon shall take shape

vehemently punishing our meaningless deeds
a consequence for wasted potential

the nebulous fog of winding spores
traps my consciousness

steering towards unearthly realization
barred from human knowledge

deeper now I feel the resistance
as the rift pulls skin from bone

the friction-induced char of tearing flesh odorizes the atmosphere
as my blood-soaked pelt funnels eternally into the abyss

vision blurred
by the whirlwind of bodily likenesses
perversions of the human image

gradually enveloped by the distorted masses
they begin their cellular mutiny
possessing my being, molding me like clay
an idol to the depraved gods of the abyss
Track Name: Supination of the Lower Extremities
twisting tendons and intertwining sinews
the swift crackle of snapping bone
arthritic joints surrender to the earth
base instincts return
as the knees sink back at an obtuse angle

degradation of body and spirit
the only worthy earnings of humanity

primal man
shall he scavenge this mundane realm
an endless search for remnants of dignity
long lost to society’s erosive winds

with the legs of a canine
falling to his shattered knees, defeated

confiscate each tooth, one by one
the half-rotten enamel stained with humanity
feast upon the surrendered flesh
relish the taste of malignancy

hunting and gathering fragments of cognizance
a desperate plea for redemption

laid to waste, the skin sinks down - melding to the exoskeleton
parading on disabled limbs - cracking bones echo through the eternal night
none are left to save us from this egregious test of the flesh and that which dwells within it
nothing remains but to bid farewell
Track Name: A Steaming Pile
let the portal gape
stretched fervently by the worthy hands
lubricated with the lust of zealotry
prepared for an entrance most ceremonial

an expulsion of the utmost surprise
odor befitting several ranks of decomposing livestock
fluids murky with otherworldly waste
saturated with sediment-tinted delight

palpable radiation of necrotic heat waves
dousing all in attendance in layers of rot

the ever-moistened vortex
coughs out shit-soaked abominations
as their hyde peel in strange,
geometric forms

staunchly petrified in the repulsive aura
now residents of the squalor
steeped in heinous depravity

flesh and filth intertwined
inseparable as man and spirit

one chosen cadaver, its spine commandeered
at the base, parasitic entities spawn
the spine acting as a fuse
a countdown to a rather ritualistic genocide
Track Name: Beyond the Ultimate Gate
Inquiry and wonder
The two base features of a deviant
one who would forsake the flesh
and take the plunge into absurdity

the hosts stare back
eyes black in the brow’s shadow
ape-like and stoic
monuments to the sick

nullified from the known plane
absorbed into the spiral
to be both one and many
no longer bound to three dimensions
omnipresence, the key to ultimate destruction

immunity from feeling
granted by the patron of the wondrous abyss
the allowance to slaughter
granted by my merciful conscience

to rid the earth of its parasites
a task befitting my scattered presence
consume from within
consume everything

each molecule to be dissolved
generations simultaneously executed
not only their physicality but every last morsel of consciousness
entities no more

consume from within
consume everything