In Prayer to Lamashtu

by Anal Exorcism

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released April 8, 2016

Evan Daniele - Drums, Guitar, and Bass
Jake DeZerga - Vocals
Tracked with Kevin Antreassian and Scot Moriarty at Backroom Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Scot Moriarty
Artwork by Evan Daniele



all rights reserved


Anal Exorcism New Jersey

Established in 2014, Anal Exorcism is just a couple of cavemen trying to have a good time (in audio form).

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Track Name: Postpartum Rectal Sludge
preparing to welcome new life
I await the revolting cry of childbirth
a six-legged whore to the gods
impregnated by forces unseen

in a realm most impalpable
a vicious presence senses the imminent natality
Her repulsive steed standing by
its cranial orifice oozes the divine nectar
a disgruntled mob begins the ritual
speaking in tongues, summoning the bringer of malaise

the offspring slides out of its condemned womb
encapsulated in the occult marinade
not without accompaniment

a particularly tumultuous birth rite
the horrid new-born cries like an estrus feline
plunged into the vile, viscous liquid
emanating from the anal void of its carrier
given over to the mire by no choice of its own

what awaits the young flesh pile
a lifetime of filth and unending torment
to know the meaning of suffering is inevitable

the semi-arachnid responsible for this heinous crime
a gross over-saturation of life
disturbing the peaceful slumber of the innocent
a most vicious rapist
guilty of parenthood
the semi-arachnid queen

lyrics by Evan/Jake
Track Name: Hallucinogenic Anilingus
separating the plush guardians of the sacred crevice
making way for my dripping, addicted tongue
pungent fumes copulate with my nostrils
as I drool with anticipation

[an absence
containing all answers
show me what my human eyes are blind to]

the tantalizing aroma calls to me
whispering in the forgotten tones of a buried civilization
seductive in its unearthly revulsion

sifting through shit-caked strands
I find myself tangled in a forest of deviance
unable to retreat, I submit to the rectal beckoning

emanating a distinct warmth
the thousand-year anus
allures my depraved mouth
unable to resist the eye-opening void
I burrow the entire length of my tongue

[every last inch buried in the provident gap]

the orifice draws me in, as I begin to regurgitate my viscera
my skeleton not far behind, a full-body prolapse transpires
clad in a suit of entrails
cleansed of all worldly sin
unburdened of my humanity

transcending flesh
through the lens that is the ancient fissure
existing on a higher plane
granted with divine insight from the carnal encounter
reborn as a tragic entity

here i sit, on my throne of awareness
only now able to see the absurdity,
the idiocy, the lunacy, the nihility
of human kind

lyrics by Evan
Track Name: Centipedal Terror
None could have predicted the events to transpire
Emergence of a reclusive entity
Unannounced, unwelcome by the mortal flesh of which it was born
Crawling out of its bodily cocoon
Greeting the vitriol face-first

Centuries of gestation preceding this very moment
Its new-born flesh gleams with the fresh fluids of its newly-deceased vessel
Limb after limb, the infant cries as it contacts the unforgiving atmosphere
Agonizing, terrorizing, a spectacle of suffering

The human condition
Accentuated by the futility of the babe’s cries
Instinctively enraged; let the killing spree begin

Victim by victim, bodies fall to the ground
Each one bears a hole from sternum to spine

Eaten through by the irate insect
It shall nest in the dehumanized husks
Ever feeding, ever growing
A universal threat

Burrowed deep within the earth
Its sleep disturbed by incessant arrogance
A sadistic gift from a rapturous god
Bent on ridding us of the ego

The basest level of thought compels the worm
Telekinetic, yet non-sentient
Driven by the intrinsic need to purge
Its sinister gaze inspires cranial detonation
Every street corner polluted with cerebral residue
Needing not to devour its victims, sustained by the act of murder alone

A blanket of fear smothers the earth
Suicide, bloodshed, the loss of life increases exponentially
Casualties climb to the billions
Death the only remaining reality

The mastermind cannot help but laugh with delight, his creation a success

lyrics by Evan
Track Name: Umbilical Cord Strangulation
swallow the gravy
Track Name: Syphilitic Dementia (Guatemala)
securing the soon to be patients
“treatment” is ready for administration
prepare to afflict those deemed insignificant
no one will mourn for their so-called disposable lives
unleash the whores onto the guilt-ridden and unwanted

clear the earth for the gluttonous generation to come forth
spouting from the womb of vanity
born into a pile of sickly, neglected souls
carelessly consuming the lives of the innocent

we are the product of hubris

the corrupt minds conspire

shaving skin off of the external genitalia
leaving the area raw and prime for infection
a breeding grounds for the treponema palladum

enveloped by the lips of disease
dipped into the deceitful cauldron
an amalgamation of lust and genocidal principles

[the seeds have been planted]

the affected area takes control
blistered and pus-ridden
a furious heap of flesh
now the quarters of command
attacking the central nervous system

those born of this tragedy shall surely know
the very depths of the abyss that is the human condition
unrelenting suffering stemming from within
with minds null and void they wander

lyrics by Evan
Track Name: Vaginal Mold Inhalation
what is that illustrious scent
clearing my sinuses, endowing me with curiosity
to find its source I am compelled

exploring furiously in this swamp of cadavers
could it be my own decomposing meat
perhaps the sewage-encrusted fetus
getting closer, my eyes trace the umbilical cord
to the source of all disgust

still gleaming with mucus
the canal now barricaded with obsidian growth
the soil-colored river of discharge yet flows
into the ocean of the bloodless

inhaling deep, taking in each subtlety
the fragrant genitalia call to me
my compass in this convoluted bog of death
guiding me towards enlightenment

over the horizon I see
the dawn of damnation
as I wade through the garden of decomposition
the fumes permeate my consciousness
influencing my every thought

cursed with introspection
this is our existence
arrogance, the true Son of Man
made to suffer on behalf of each sack of disease
a shared ignorance, seven-billion strong
alone I must trudge on, the product of humanity

lyrics by Evan
Track Name: In Prayer to Lamashtu
Every bookshelf in the library, holding words telling the same stories
About how the scars of the past, are gnarled around the barbs
A hole that wasn’t fillable, Hands pried their way in leave behind,
a new monster, that cannot escape

Possess me
Tear me apart

The books hold the scars, library holding the words,
and the walls around us that close, in becoming new life
A mythological hybrid will awaken


Imbibed in filth
New yet ancient goddess
Developed with machinery
Imbibed in filth

Doctors in the field of human excess
Procure a depletion of resources
Gatekeepers, of our earthly existence
Practitioners, of medical malpractice

Escaping a generic reaction

To create evil, at the flick of the wrist
The hardest part, is to follow through

Clear the way for a new goddess
The minefield has now become the world
The gesticulations of a ghost,
Will bring about new lives from within
I have only opened this book, With fresh young blood to stain
Ghost pain’s the only way, to make a gain
Come to me child
Life will once begin

When your heart refrains

lyrics by Jake/Evan
Track Name: Spiritual Rebirth
“Deliver us”
Their frenzied cry resonates
Transcending flesh, it settles within
the depths of being
My sympathetic nature will not allow me
to ignore their plea

Licking the rusty blade clean, I prepare
Intending on a mutual savoring, a murderous orgy

Running the blade down her aged, leather skin
Every inch occupied by incisions

A billboard advertising the human condition
The adjacent man sits impatiently
A whimper escapes his blackened lips, no longer able to contain his yearning

I exist to please

Puncturing each pupil, his excitement builds as his vision fades
A cascade of blood pours from the mouths of his swollen eyelids

Hysterical with delight, unable to keep still
The hammer descends on each patella, causing compound fractures

The rest of them bow to me in unison
As I feed to her his punctured lung
A rancid offering for the corrupted sacrament
“Savior,” chant the worshippers
They have found their messiah
In the house of mutilation

How shall I grant their collective wish
The gore-philic zealots desperate for deliverance

Immolation, serration, a pageant of dismemberment
The congregation reveling with their new god
A spiritual embrace of flesh and will
Devote yourselves to me
In my provident grasp, you shall find the way

lyrics by Evan
Track Name: Womb of Perdition
an intrinsic urge for pleasure
ingrained in the undead stillborn
reanimated by a dimensional overlap
his human needs restored

her womb a breeding grounds for perversion
a vessel for oedipal lust
lined with futile hope
cultivating the reborn youth
instilling in him a sense of sexual ambition

inevitably chasing satisfaction
the impermanence of which washes over his virgin flesh
seeking purpose, finding naught
such is the folly of humanity

urges begin to reach a peak
as the fetus lusts for receptive flesh
yet condemned to the confines of this wretched womb
the opportunist feasts his eyes upon the vaginal opening

exiting with his petrified phallus
a chilling embrace of nubile contact
between parent and child, a bond like no other
her maternal warmth a beacon for the deviant
stuck in the interstice of life and death

unending pleasure
shall lead to unending torment
stuck in the one who would birth him
given life with no consent of his own
the mother forced to pay for the sins of her pre-corrupted youth
bringing only more pain into this world
the procreation of more and more suffering
a living, breathing burden on this wretched earth

[rot, rot, you all will fucking rot]

lyrics by Evan